schillingreport 2020 – Transparency at the Top. The Executive and Supervisory Boards of the largest Swiss Companies and the Public Sector

In its 15th edition, the schillingreport presents several novelties: the percentage of women on executive boards
of the 100 largest employers in Switzerland has, for the first time, reached the 10% mark. The public sector even reaches a 20% share of female top executives. Remarkable: companies are strengthening the digitalization competence of their executive boards. Furthermore, the percentage of foreigners has levelled off.

Since 2006, the schillingreport has been collecting data on the composition of the management boards and boards of directors of Switzerland’s 100 largest employers. The analyses show how these boards have developed over the past thirteen years , with a special focus on gender diversity and the percentage of foreigners in management positions. For the fourth time, the schillingreport compares the management boards of the private sector with the public administrations.

The schillingreport creates transparency at the top.

Further information can be found on the current schillingreport 2020 and under media releases.


Guido Schilling presents the most important findings