schillingreport 2024 – Transparency at the Top

The Executive and Supervisory Boards of the largest Swiss Companies and the Public Sector

According to the schillingreport 2024, the 100 largest Swiss employers are meeting the national gender guidelines. 7 years, or 2 years before the end of the transition period, 20% of the executive board members, and 31% of the supervisory board members are female. While this may seem like a major breakthrough, it harbours important areas for concern: the fluctuation among female executive board members has reached an unprecedented high, the number of female chairpersons, female CEOs, and CFOs is declining, and boards are becoming increasingly older across all samples. The trend in gender diversity is also levelling off in the SMI. Encouragingly, the share of women in top management positions in public administration has risen to 25%.

The schillingreport has been collecting data on the composition of the executive boards and boards of directors of the approximately 100 largest Swiss employers since 2006. The analyses show how these bodies have developed over the last 18 years, with a special focus on gender diversity and the proportion of foreigners on the executive floors. For the seventh time, the schillingreport compares the management bodies of the private sector with those of public administrations, as well as the gender diversity pipeline.

The schillingreport ensures transparency at the top and has established itself as a recognised instrument for regular stocktaking and time series analysis of the Swiss framing sector.

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