schillingreport 2017 - The Executive and Supervisory Boards of the largest Swiss Companies and the Public Sector

    On the occasion of our press conference on March 7 we are presented the new, substantially widened schillingreport. Forthe first time we compare the private sector's management bodies with those ofthe Confederation and the cantons. In order to make the long-term gender diversity potential visible, we furthermore continue our analysis of the gender diversity pipeline which we started in 2016. Evaluating the companies' pipeline in the top and middle management we can show their potential to promote women in top positions in the future. It is especially promising that the share of women among newly appointed members of the management committee is on a record-high value. Thanks to this, the overall share of women in the management committees has risen substantially. With respect to the public sector we see: Many top managers in the administration have experience in the private sector.