Media Releases until 2023

schillingreport 2023

The 100 largest Swiss employers will reach the required gender guidelines of 30% on the supervisory board and 20% on the executive board in 2024. In the 18th edition of the schillingreport, they are at 29% females on the supervisory board and 19% on the executive board. On the supervisory boards, the share of females rises for the first time by 3 percentage points to 29%, as 46% of vacancies have been filled with women – a record. On executive boards, the share of women increases from 17% to 19%, thanks to 27% of women among the newly appointed managers – the second highest figure in 18 years. «It is crucial that companies succeed in establishing ‹diversity› as a part of the corporate culture and anchoring it in the DNA of the firm. Women and men making up 40 to 60% of both management bodies will be the norm in the future», says Schilling.

schillingreport 2022

Looking at the data in terms of diversity, the 17th edition of the schillingreport shows that – in addition to the very encouraging development in terms of gender mix – the proportion of foreigners on the executive boards rises slightly to 44 % (43 % in the previous year). It should be emphasized that this stagnation at a high level is supported by 50 % foreign executive board members among the newly appointed board members (40 % and 49 % in the previous years). The executive board members are from 30 countries besides Switzerland. Among the new female executive board members, the percentage of managers without a Swiss passport is 54 %, with 78 % of these being «nationals», i.e., women who were already employed in Switzerland or in a Swiss firm before being appointed to their current position.

schillingreport 2021

The Swiss economy has experienced sustained positive development in terms of gender diversity and has undeniably entered the awareness phase in this generational project. This is manifested in the record highs in the share of women on executive and supervisory boards. The share of women in executive management has increased for the first time by 3 percentage points (+ 30 %) from 10 % to the all-time high of 13 %. The number of female CEOs has also increased from 3 to 5 – and will grow to 8 in the current year. The public sector already employs 21 % women in top management. A consistently broader gender diversity pipeline in all sectors enables us to look to the future with confidence.

schillingreport 2020

In its 15th edition, the schillingreport presents several novelties: the percentage of women on executive boards of the 100 largest employers in Switzerland has, for the first time, reached the 10% mark. The public sector even reaches a 20% share of female top executives. Remarkable: companies are strengthening the digitalization competence of their executive boards. Furthermore, the percentage of foreigners has levelled off.

schillingreport 2019

Good news: Gender diversity is gaining momentum at Swiss companies. The percentage of women is increasing on both the supervisory and the executive boards of the country’s 100 largest employers. The gender diversity pipeline is widening, and the public sector is still leading the way. Appointments to the executive boards from inside the company are at an all-time high. The percentage of foreigners appears to be levelling off.

schillingreport 2018

The trend with respect to gender diversity on the executive boards of Switzerland’s largest companies is disappointing: After the encouraging figure reported last year, the share of women on these boards has fallen again. The share of foreigners is also declining. In terms of gender diversity, the public sector has made significantly more progress than private business.